Sunday, October 12, 2014

creating ppk key from pem


For the people who use Amazon Web Services and EC2 or those who use ssh keys to log in to the Linux or UNIX systems using putty will have to convert .pem keys to ppk (putty private key). To create pem from ppk check here.

Here is how we do it in Windows platform:
We need to use a software called PuttyGen. Download it from here.

PuTTY Download Page

Double click on the downloaded puttygen. Its binary executable. We dont need to install it.

Click on Import Public Key:

Here is the imported key:

Now click on save private key:

You will be asked for proceed without passphrase. Click yes.

Save it in your favourite location:

Thats it. Now you can use this to login to your ec2/linux/unix instance.

Open the putty software. You can download putty from the same site from which you downloaded PuttyGen.

Open putty:
Give the hostname:

Click on auth and select the saved key and click open:

Now you will be logged into the system.

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