Saturday, October 25, 2014

Logstash central log server with redis, elasticsearch and kibana


As a Linux system administrator we see a lot of logs daily. Whenever we a get problem, first thing we will check will be for the corresponding application/system logs. Its fine when we have a couple of servers and applications. What if we have 10s of servers and many applications on them? Then its better to have a centralized log server. A central syslog server?

Well with a central syslog server you get all the logs in a single server. But how you will keep track of logs? or how you will check for a particular log? You will grep or  awk? Its time consuming and not easy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

creating ppk key from pem


For the people who use Amazon Web Services and EC2 or those who use ssh keys to log in to the Linux or UNIX systems using putty will have to convert .pem keys to ppk (putty private key). To create pem from ppk check here.

Here is how we do it in Windows platform:
We need to use a software called PuttyGen. Download it from here.

PuTTY Download Page

Double click on the downloaded puttygen. Its binary executable. We dont need to install it.