Saturday, August 11, 2012

Creating multiple user login in Amazon ec2


We know we can login in Amazon ec2 linux instances with our .ppk/.pem keys. But it is restricted to a single root user. How to create more normal users and let them also login to the instance? of course they cant use root users key. so we have to create new login keys for them. This post is also applicable for normal systems. We will see how to create key based authentication for normal users.

password protected directory in tomcat


How to protect a web directory with a password? if we are using Apache, we can do it easily with .htaccess. It will prompt user for credentials while entering the directory. But how to protect a directory with password in tomcat web server? In this post we will discuss how to do it with tomcat Realms. This example was tested in tomcat 7 and tomcat 6.