Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting password amazon windows instance


There is a lot of public AMIs are available in amazon for windows. You can just select one windows AMI and launch it. You may be wondering how to get the administrator password of amazon ec2 windows instance. We can decrypt the password from the command line of any linux / unix systems as follows.

ec2-get-password instanceId -k key_file -K pk-ABCDEFGHIJKLMN.pem -C cert-DEFGHIJKLMN.pem

instanceId - is the instance id of windows ec2 instance.
pk-PRIVATEKEY.pem is  Private Key File.
cert-X509CERT.pem is X.509 Certificate File

key file can be cdnkey.pem or k.borah or keys like that. Once you run this command it will show the password in the prompt. You can check this link to convert a .ppk key to .pem key.

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