Sunday, February 12, 2012

Extracting rar files in linux


In most Windows systems, there won't be any softwares to make .tar files. So you will be forced to create rar files using winrar or similar softwares. Still you can upload those file to linux machine and unpack them using unrar command. We will see how. We have to install a package named unrar in the linux system. Then it will provide the rar and unrar commands so that you can rar and unrar files.

For Debian or Ubuntu systems. :
# apt-get install unrar

For fedora Centos Redat systems :
# yum install unrar

For OpenBSD systems :
# pkg_add -v -r unrar

Or you can install it from source :

Download the package,
tar xvzf rarlinux-4.1.0.tar.gz
$ cd rar
$ ./unrar and ./rar

If you want you can copy these commands to /bin for easy access.
# cp rar unrar /bin

#unrar e file_name.rar

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