Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Websites each system admin should know


System administrators will have to do a lot of stuffs by themselves. But there are a lot of online tools which are helpful and they save a lot of time. But most of the administrators don't know them. Here is a list I know of. If you know any please comment with their use, I'll include them.

To know your public ip. It shows location and other details too.

For checking nameservers, mx record, A record, PTR record and other DNS details.


For checking the accessibility of your ip address or url. It gives ping results from many parts of the world.

For checking the domain details such as owner of the domain and contact details.


To check whether your ip is blacklisted or not

To check the loading time of the url from different parts of world

To check the domain propagation, NS, MX, A Record etc from different parts of the world at the moment.

To check the cpanel license is expired or not

To paste the error log and make a link to exchange

To encrypt a string with md5 algorithm

To decrypt a string with md5 algorithm

To check the validity and other details of SSL certificates

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